Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sweet Worship

This morning I could not go to church as I am still not feeling well. Also, I am heading into the week where my blood count is supposed to be at its lowest and my likelihood for infection stronger, so I am just resting at home. We did, however, have our own church service with all the kids singing, Emma reading scripture, and a play performed by the kids. (Nothing is complete in our household without some kind of play production. Wonder if that is inevitable with 2 theatre majors for parents?) Anyway, the play was a version of the story of Esther in the Bible that I have never heard before and it just made me smile inside! Esther was taken by "carriage" to the "castle" where she went on "stage" to "audition" for the king. The words in quotations are my girls words. :) After she was chosen by the king, she saved his life by pushing him out of the way from something falling from the ceiling that was about to land on his head. The king was so grateful! It took me a while to figure that one out. Then my husband remembered that that is what happens in the Veggie Tale version. Needless to say, the story I heard this morning is now my favorite version of Esther that I have ever heard. :)


e_vandergriff said...

Just from "hearing" what you said I think I too like that version the best as well!! What a wonderful way to worship! I love it!! I hope you get feeling better quickly. If I can help out in any way please do not hesitate to ask! I will be more than happy to do whatever I can! Take care and get plenty of rest!
love you!

The Labontes said...

That sounds like the best mass ever!! The more theatrical the better for us as well! Glad you are keeping in touch with scripture.


theheartofachild said...

I think of you often and wanted you to know that I am still praying for you Candice!

Peter and Nancy said...

We are also a theatrical family, so I can really picture your very special worship service. :o) Our sons used to act out the Veggie version of Dave and the Giant Pickle on a regular basis, and were very earnest about their performance. It was a stitch, as I'm sure your girls were today. Praying that the nausea will grow less as each day goes by.

Pam said...

What an awesome thing! We went through a several year period where we did home worship with a small group of people, and it was some of the most meaningful times of worship I have ever experienced.