About Me

I started this blog as a kind of journal for me.  It was intended as a place where I could share about "my favorite things!"  My journey through breast cancer was not one of those things.  However, it came into my life, and this blog began...a place where I could share with friends and family as I began a very long year and a half through breast cancer and all that it entails.  Along the way, I have also been able to share  about some of my favorite things and I hope to be able to continue sharing for a long time to come!

Some of my favorite things to talk about are:

  • MY FAMILY!  I am daughter, sister, wife, and proud mother of 4!  I have 2 girls and 2 boys and I love them with all my heart!  I am extremely grateful for the heritage that my parents passed on to me and my 7 siblings.  It is an invaluable treasure to me to be able to be "mommy" to my children for the time that God has placed them in my life.
  • ADOPTION!  My youngest son is adopted from India!  Words could never adequately express how adoption has changed our lives and grown our faith!  I will unapologetically press anyone I know to adopt for the rest of my life!
  • COMPASSION!  I love the ministry of Compassion International!  After 3 years of sponsoring 2 little girls, 1 in India and 1 in Africa, I have applied to be an official advocate for the ministry.  At just $38 a month, this is something everyone could do and it would change the lives of millions of children all over the world!
Passions grow and change as you journey through this life, and I'm sure that mine will as well.  So, I will try to learn and love each day and share my experiences, new and old, the best that I can.