Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One Down, Five to Go!

2-1 and we are off. Yesterday my day surgery went well and I now have a porta cath in my chest. Besides a big bruise and some ugly stitches, you would not know it was there unless you looked real hard. I am so thankful they waited till this morning to start the treatments because once again, the anesthesia made me sick. Although the fact that they left the needle in overnight made for an uncomfortable night, I sure appreciated it this morning when they did not have to re-stick me! My wonderful nurse, Lori, called me in some wonderful numbing medicine that I can put on my skin each time before they have to stick me!

Today went well with my treatment. Today I was there for 5 hours! Usually on my Herceptin weeks, they said to plan for 1 hour. On my chemo weeks it will probably be 4 hours. I am so thankful that the room is not a sterile doctor's office environment. There are leather lounge chairs and recliners everywhere, a living room area with couches and a little kitchenette area with drinks, sandwiches, sweets, etc. for those who are there for a while. My husband even got to come back with me and he could sit and watch t.v., grade papers, etc. The biggest reaction I've had so far was to the Benedryl...I fell fast asleep. :) Right now I am just a little shaky and tired. My husband is at the pharmacy stocking up on the nausea meds, pain relievers, stool softeners, diarrhea meds, and other suggested items. I'm in it for the long haul. We are one down and five to go!

For Valentines Day my husband got me the bracelet that was suggested in the comments. Now I will plan to buy one new bead each time I complete another chemo treatment. I may try to get my first bead tomorrow if the steroids are still working and I have the energy. :) That will give me something to definitely look forward to! I should have a beautiful bracelet by this summer!


Anonymous said...

I love the bracelet idea. Praying for you daily! Love you cousin!


Robin and Billy said...

Five to go. . . yay!!! (Heidi is helping me write this and suggested we put "three" exclamation marks.) We'll be praying for you through the night and as the week progresses!

Take care and if we can do anything let us know.

Love you!


Pam said...

*wince* at the mention of needles. Yuck, friend. I wish you didn't have to go through this...but 5 to go!!! Bring on the end of treatment! Hugs to you....

Kristi W. said...

Glad you are down by one already. I'm looking forward to seeing the bracelet!! Praying for you!

:)Kristi W.

Peter and Nancy said...

You'll have to post pictures of your bracelet as it grows. :o) Sorry to hear that the anesthesia was hard on you -- and glad you don't have to do that procedure again. I will pray that the anti-nausea meds do their work.
Hugs to you,

Ruth Dammann said...

Not to sound cliche, but "You go, Girl!" So proud of you, Candi. Can't wait to see the finished bracelet. Love you bunches.