Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful "J"

JAVA CHIP FRAPPUCCINO - Need I say more? :) This Starbucks drink has been my reward every Thursday for the last couple of months. Friends and family have given me gift cards and I have enjoyed them fully! After every treatment, I have stopped by and picked up my drink and thoroughly enjoyed it on my way home! Out of fear, I have neglected checking the calorie count on this favorite drink of mine. :) However, now that I am going to try to lose some weight before my surgery in March, I have decided to give up my Java Chip until then. Don't worry though...the day after my surgery, I plan to send my husband to the nearest Starbucks and have him pick one up for me to celebrate!

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Peter and Nancy said...

Don't be a afraid to look around on the Starbuck site -- you can still enjoy many tall, nonfat drinks for less than 300 calories. :o) (Obviously I've done my fact-checking!)