Monday, January 24, 2011

Holding the Balloon!

Those who know me, know that I am a melancholy person. Those who know my husband, know that he is very Sanguine. He dances on stage, I dance in my living room. He is an incredibly gifted teacher, I am a storyteller. He speaks, I write. People say we balance each other because we are opposites in almost every way. :) One of my best friends is a Sanguine too, and I think I have always felt a bit intimidated by and envious of their energy, spirit, and personalities.

This week I stopped by my husband's classroom for a moment before I went to my weekly treatment. Being January, he had a classroom full of new students I have not met yet. I spoke to my husband for a few minutes and then left. After I left, my husband said that one of his students interrupted him with the following observation...

"Mr. S. can I tell you how I see you and your wife?" Curious, my husband nodded, "yes," and the boy continued. "Mr. S., you are a helium balloon. You are full of energy and life, blowing all over the place. Your wife is the one holding the balloon. She is calm and grounded and without her, you would just pop or go crazy and blow away."

My husband was very taken aback. He laughed because he had never quite heard it put that way and he was surprised that the boy had described us in such a way, and with a picture that seems like a pretty accurate description! I was just glad that the student did not say I was a "lead balloon," which is where I first thought he was heading with the story. Leave it to me to lean to the negative. :)

All in all, I will say that I appreciate the description. It makes me smile! And, I don't mind so much being calm and grounded. My children tend to "fly" like their father and I LOVE being able to help guide them higher and higher! What could be better!


Peter and Nancy said...

This post makes me smile, because that's how my husband and I are. What a perceptive student to see those qualities (and I was happy that you weren't lead too!).

Elizabeth said...

Love it!! I think that is pretty accurate!!

and YES you can do it!! You have a faith that won't let you not!!

I will do anything I can to help out in any way, just call!!

Love you!