Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thankful "K"

K is the first letter of a lot of my fun favorites. Here are just a few!

KISSES - There is nothing I love better than kisses from my kids!!!

KINDLE - I got a Kindle for my birthday present and I am loving it! I carry it everywhere I go and it is getting lots of use! I look forward to filling it up with books in the years to come!

KEURIG - My Christmas gift! My instant coffee/tea/hot cocoa maker is getting used every day! The entire family can use it (except Micah, I won't let him touch it) and we love it! Thank you to my sister for my gift card and for coupons in the mail that made this purchase possible!

KARO - There is nothing better to snack on than a little crunchy Peter Pan peanut butter with a little cold white Karo syrup mixed in! Yummy! It's my dad's fault that I have been enjoying this concoction since I was a little girl. :) White Karo is also super yummy on French Toast!

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Peter and Nancy said...

A friend of mine has a Kindle and LOVES it. I can't quite let go of my love for actual books just yet . . . :o) I've never heard of the Karo + Peanut Butter snack! Sounds like something my husband would love. I remember during our college days, he would eat peanut butter from the jar using just his finger. Eew. I think 13 years of marriage has cured him of that . . .