Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Going Out with a Bang!

I finished my last chemo yesterday! Praise the Lord I made it through. Well, give me a week and a half to feel better and then I can say I made it through. :) I couldn't finish my chemo without some drama though. Yesterday, halfway through my second chemo drug, I had a reaction of some sort to the meds. My chest got real tight and heavy and I began having labored breathing. They immediately stopped the drug, took my blood pressure, checked my oxygen level and listened to my lungs and heart. Apparently on this drug some people have a reaction on their 6th or 7th time taking it. Weird. Anyway, after monitoring me for an hour and giving me another bag of steroids and another bag of fluids, I was cleared to finish. We took it more slowly the second time around and I was able to finish ok. Needless to say, by the time I got home I was very tired and swollen from all the fluids. We had been there from 10:30 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. Nothing like going out with a bang. :)

Today I am tired of course, but the swelling is going down now. I know I can finish up the rest of my treatments now. With the Herceptin I have some headaches and body aches and some insomnia, but that is all doable. I will finish in February hopefully and then begin discussions about reconstruction. For now, I'm just going to rest and wait for this week to pass.


The Labontes said...

So glad you are through with that phase. you are one tough lady!
Love and continued prayers,

Julie & Patrick said...

I would love to think that the reaction only confirms that the medication is working. Doing it's job...a job well DONE (emphasis on DONE!) What a wonderful feeling you must have had walking out of that office yesterday!

Julie R

Peter and Nancy said...

Hallelujah! You have truly been a trooper throughout this phase of treatment. I am celebrating with you, and thanking God! Here's to better-feeling days ahead,

Anonymous said...

Glad you are done with this part Candi! Love you and praying for you daily cousin!

Pam said...

So glad to hear you are finally finish with your chemo!!! Praying that you gain strength soon! HUGS my friend!

ColleenC said...

So glad that the chemo is over! Hoping that the weeks ahead bring lots of fun and no sickness!