Sunday, May 30, 2010

Genetics Test

I got the results from my genetic testing this week. The test was negative! Praise the Lord! That means I do not have the genetic cancer gene and I do not have to consider any preventative surgeries and I do not have to have my daughters tested for the mutated gene! It would have been nice to have someone tell me, "Yes, this is why you got the cancer," but I did not want to have something that could have been passed on to my children.

So, I continue on with my weekly treatments. I have my second echocardiogram this week to make sure that the Herceptin is not damaging my heart. I have this week to enjoy and then I have my last chemo left on June 8th. Although I will be taking treatments till February of 2011, I am now trying to think of what I would like to do to celebrate the end of the yucky chemo part of the treatments. A weekend get-away to the mountains with my husband would be a wonderful way to celebrate I think. I wonder if I could find anyone to watch 4 kids for the night for me? :) Oh well. Counting down the days!


Peter and Nancy said...

What wonderful news to receive -- and what a blessing not to wonder if your daughters have the gene. Maybe you and your husband can have a whole day away, if not a weekend?? It's probably easier to find people to farm them out to that way . . . :o) And definitely worth celebrating!

The Labontes said...

I hope you are able to steal some time away with your hubby! I know how hard it is to find care for 4 of them - the one time we've been on a date since Mason came home we had to split them up :)

Celebrate! So happy you don't have to worry about passing it on to your daughters!

Julie & Patrick said...

Now you can exhale and finish up with no extra worries. Glad to hear this. I weekend away sounds wonderful. I hope it works out. I'm sure you and your husband could use a little time to yourselves for a little celebration.

Julie R