Friday, June 18, 2010

Sweet Childhood!

This week I watched "The Princess Diaries 2" with my daughters. It's such a cute movie. I guess every little girl dreams about being a princess someday. I have loved watching my daughters growing up. They are so beautiful and talented and sweet. I am excited to see how they continue to grow. Of course I am not looking forward to the whole "boy" stuff that is sure to come. All I can do is pray that even now the Lord is preparing their "prince" for their future together. In the meantime, I just had to laugh at their sweetness. After watching the movie, they immediately took off to play in their room. As they went, my 9 year old said, "Come on! Let's pretend that I'm a princess and you are..." Now I expected to hear the words, "you are the prince." Not being ready for them to start all the boy/girl stuff I must have been holding my breath. I need not have worried however. To my delight and amusement, she finished the sentence..."and you are my royal horse!" So much better in my opinion. :)


Peter and Nancy said...

I love the horse comment -- sounds very sisterly! We just watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with the kids . . . I remembered almost none of it except the title song. :o)

Julie & Patrick said...

I was never a girlie girl, so I have no recollection of playing princess, but like you, we have it going on in a major way at our house too! Love the horse part. It turns out when we play, I have to be the step-sister or the evil witch...alas Devi has no idea what an evil witch is except the she is a grown up and I suppose I do fit that bill :)