Thursday, May 13, 2010

Building a Bracelet!

I have finished chemo #3 and #4 and I am still building my bracelet. Thank you to my sister, Connie, who funded one of my newest beads!

#3 bead is yellow and is for my daughter, Hallie! Her nickname is "Sunshine," so the yellow seemed perfect! She got the nickname when she was just a little girl because she would wake up in the mornings smiling, happy and ready to start her day! She has continued to be happy and content and bring us so much joy!

#4 bead is aqua and is for my daughter, Emma! Aqua is her favorite color, so I had to get this one for her. Aqua is a unique, happy color with lots of charm and that fits my little girl to a T! From her style to her personality, Emma continues to make us smile every day!

I got a brief reprieve from the chemo treatments this week. I was supposed to have my 5th one on Tuesday, but asked if I could postpone it for 1 week. They don't like to do that, but the doc asked what I had going on. By pushing it forward a week, I'll be able to go to my girls piano recitals, their Spring Choir Concert, and attend my son's "End of the Year Program." Doc said that was good enough for him, so I got an extra week to enjoy my family!


Robin and Billy said...

It was so good to see you last week! I think of you often and pray that the Lord will strengthen you. I'm so excited that you'll be finished with chemo soon. I hope you enjoy your children and their programs.

Take care friend!

CV said...

So glad you have these upcoming acitivities to look forward to. I know the children are also looking forward to your attendance. Think of you so often. ((Hugs))


Peter and Nancy said...

I'm so very happy that you will get to do normal "mom" stuff by attending the concerts and activities! Enjoy your week off -- I'm glad your doctor cooperated. :o)