Monday, March 8, 2010

Hoping for better!

Well, tomorrow I head in early for my second chemo treatment...a process that will take about 4-5 hours. I am hoping for better physical health this second time around. The nurse has given me some different meds to try to see if we can head off some of the side effects I experienced a couple of weeks ago. Lets see...those would be...constipation, headache, body ache, stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, raw tongue, a mouth sore, and taste bud changes. And all that happened in one week! I am trying to think positive and hoping that the different meds work better this coming week. I have also started experiencing the hair loss already. I was a little surprised that it happened so quickly after just 1 treatment.

On a positive note, I did well the second 2 weeks with just the Herceptin doses. I just experienced some body aches, headaches, and being really tired, but I can take a nap and some tylonal and live with those for the rest of the year if I have to. Also, although my blood count went down the second week, so far I have stayed well. My husband has done his best to keep me quarantined at home so that I don't get sick. Of course this week he missed 3 days of school because he was home sick with the stomach virus. The Lord has protected me and I feel well going into my treatment tomorrow.

My girls did not get to go with me last Tuesday. So much happened. The weather did not cooperate and it snowed that day. The cancer patient advocate was snowed in on the mountain and the lady who heads the cancer dept was home sick. Then they canceled school, so my husband had to stay home with all the kids and I drove myself to the treatment. So much for the best laid plans. :) The new plan is to take them with us next week. Hopefully that will all work out.

So, I head to bed tonight to try and get some rest so I will feel strong and rested in the morning!


Anonymous said...

Praying for you and trusting this week's treatment will be easier. I love you cousin!


Peter and Nancy said...

I sure will pray that the new meds help alleviate some of your symptoms. We had a stomach bug in the house this weekend too -- hope you don't take this the wrong way, but it made me think of you! (And pray for your sypmtoms, so that's a good thing!)

I hope the new plan for the tour goes off without a hitch, and that it provides some reassurance for your sweet children.
Hugs to you,

Julie & Patrick said...

I guess remaining flexible is key! I hope that adjusting meds does the trick for you and that you can cross the hardest treatment (the first one) off the list and sail through the rest with less side effects.

I hope that the tour goes well and brings comfort to the kiddos.

Julie R

ColleenC said...

Praying and hoping that the side effects are more mild! Your last post about your daughters was so touching- I will also pray for strength and comfort for them! Your resilience is still amazing to read! Thinking of you and your family.

~ Colleen

Mickey and Candyce Rector said...

Praying for you and for a better week after this treatment. Can't wait till you get to see Anna!! Take care and call if you need anything.

Sharon said...

Randy and I are praying for you and your family. I pray that the treatments get easier for you..Love you and your family.