Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well, I thought I would share my bracelet with my first 2 beads, celebrating finishing my first 2 chemo treatments. My sweet husband got me the bracelet for Valentines Day and the 2 crystal hearts are built into the bracelet. There was so, so much to choose from, so I had to decide kind of what look I wanted the bracelet to take. I decided on these antique looking beads. I wanted to pick a different color bead to represent each member of my family since they are why I am fighting and doing the treatments in the first place. My first bead is "pink," of course, to represent me and the breast cancer. My second bead is "orange" for my husband. Since it happens to be one of the colors in his favorite ball team, I thought it appropriate. :) I am definitely NOT looking forward to my next treatment, but I am excited now about my next bead! A special thanks goes out to my friend, Chrystal, who gave me the idea for the bracelet in the first place and then gave me a gift card to "sponsor" my first bead!


jasonliberty said...

What a wonderful gift! I love this idea and am looking forward to seeing how the bracelet changes with each bead! Praying for you that our God would give you comfort.


Pam said...

Hi Friend,
I haven't been blog reading much lately. Too much going on, and Micah has been VERY anxious so I've been spending the bulk of my time with him. You haven't been out of my thoughts though. I'm praying for you so hard.
Love to you and big big hugs.

Julie & Patrick said...

I love the bracelet idea....in fact last year for my birthday, in lieu of gifts, I had my friends give me a bead from one of their broken necklaces or bracelets. I've taken those mix-matched beads and made them into a bracelet and now I have my "circle" of friends with me where ever I go. With you, it is a wonderful way to mark your road to good health. Love that!

Julie R

Peter and Nancy said...

I was just thinking about your bracelet yesterday, and wondering what it looked like! Thanks for showing me. I will keep on praying the very biggest prayers I know how to pray, for you to be healed.

Fantastic Family of 5 said...

What a neat bracelet and keep on keeping on with that hope and faith that God has given you. You are a insipration to many Candice!!:) Prayers coming your way from Ky,Gidget

Ruth Dammann said...

It's beautiful! Praying for you daily. Looking forward to our next lunch date. :)