Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where God Lead, He Provides!

The thought of the cost we are going to incur when I got the cancer diagnosis was just one of the thoughts on our minds as we headed into the new year starting 2010. I cannot even begin to imagine what weekly treatments for 1 year will add up to. Then you add the 2 surgeries, all the extras that go along with that, and the reconstruction stuff afterwards. It can be a bit overwhelming.

However, we have just come back from our adoption experience where God blew us away with His provision...the exact amounts at the exact time it was needed. Over and over again providing in ways that kept us humbly on our knees. We can truly say that our whole adoption experience was a "God thing" from start to finish. Now, the financial aspect of things does not seem too overwhelming for Him to handle. He has led me here, so I believe that He will provide the way. And He has already begun to provide in His usual unusual ways!

Yesterday, an aunt's mother called us and said that she and her neighbor were talking and she mentioned the cancer journey we are on and her neighbor said that he felt like he wanted to help us out. Each month he tries to give away $200 to someone who needs it and this month he definitely wanted to give it to us for our medical expenses! This from a man we have never met and probably never will!

In January, we got a call from a dear friend in our church who is a nurse. She had to organize a "Walk/Benefit" of some sort as a process in her continuing education. When she found out that I had breast cancer, she decided to do a Breast Cancer Walk and Benefit for our family! We have been very overwhelmed and humbled by her wanting to do this. The walk is going to be Mother's Day weekend here in our community and will include a silent auction, craft vendors, entertainment for kids, etc! People can buy a t-shirt, join a team and come walk with my family! I am looking forward to spending that time with our family and friends! If you have not signed up yet, I hope you will join us!

I love that God is so creative in His provision and that many, many times He loves to use others around us to bless our lives!


Lindsey said...

God is a God that doesn't Lie. He would never lead us to anything, then deceive us. We serve a MIGHTY God who is the provider of all things. Love you, sister, and I am praying for you daily.

Pam said...

We've found this to be true so many times as well. During this time in our lives, God has been so faithful...and people that we have never met have reached out and helped us financially as well. It's been so humbly and amazing to see God provide for our most basic needs in such a way. Praying for you friend! Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

When you find out more details about the Walk/benefit Candi, let everyone know! I know many like myself that don't live there in your area would like to participate by our own giving!

We love you and pray for you daily!


Peter and Nancy said...

This is so beautiful -- God is caring for you in such a personal, practical way. He is truly your loving Father, and is watching over you now, as always. Thanks for sharing the great news with us!

theheartofachild said...

What size men's t-shirt would you want. I don't have any extra, but the youth order got messed up and he has to send me some more. Email your size ASAP and I'll see if it is still possible!

Julie & Patrick said...

It is nice to hear, amongst all the hard times that reach our nightly news, that people around us are still doing good and caring things. Thanks for sharing the kindness that others have shown you.

All the best,
Julie r