Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Cancer Cannot Do

It seems like each day I am getting a little stronger. Although very, very sore, I am not taking as many pain meds and I am moving my arm more. I am still not supposed to really lift till the stitches come out on Monday. This has been made easier with my husband and mother at home with me, but it's been a little confusing for Micah. I don't think he understands why I can't pick him up like I did just a week ago, or why I flinch when he comes running toward me. :) I'm trying to love on him all I can while he sits next to me on someone else's lap.

Now is a short waiting game while I heal and before treatment begins. My appointment with an oncologist has been made for the first week of February, so I have a brief respite before beginning my chemo and other drugs. My husband gave me a small book in my stocking at Christmas that is called "What Cancer Cannot Do," by Phyllis Ten Elshof. I guess this is a great time for me to meditate on the scriptures, quotes, and encouraging stories of survivors that are found in this book.

Cancer is so limited...
  • It cannot cripple God's love
  • It cannot shatter hope
  • It cannot corrode faith
  • It cannot destroy peace
  • It cannot kill friendship
  • It cannot shut out memories
  • It cannot silence courage
  • It cannot invade the soul
  • It cannot steal eternal life
  • It cannot conquer the spirit


Anonymous said...

As you continue reading that book, Candi, you'll have to let us know how you like it. Terry is often asked (as a psychologist) what book to recommend to someone battling cancer.

I continue to pray for you sweet cousin! I'm thankful today for a husband that can be home this week, a mother to be there to help out, and that your are in less pain today.

Blessings to you and yours!

Ilie said...

One more thing to add to the list...
Cancer is limited...
it cannot overcome the POWER OF THE RESURRECTION.

"Greater is He that is in me, then he that is in the world."

Praying for you Candice!
Love, Raelene and Elijah Soritau