Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Laughter is the best medicine!

One of the cancer books I just read, talked about laughter being great medicine for the body. Those who know me, know that I am more melancholy in personality, so I don't get "tickled" as easily as some people, like, say, my husband who is very sanguine. The author of the book suggested several movies that she would watch over and over again, laughing till she cried. My mom looked up the movies online to see if we could order them and she was appalled at the choices. They were nothing that I would watch or even think was funny. So, I will put the question out there. Do any of you have a favorite movie (one that does not contain questionable content or language) that makes you laugh silly? I would love to hear your suggestions.

On a side note, there are a few little things that have happened that might not be funny to anyone else, but since my diagnosis they have made me smile inside or even laugh out loud!
  • A card from Steven, one of my husband's high school students. Steven said something sweet on one side, then on the other side put, "This was going to be my witty/funny page, but I don't do well under pressure. Here's a muffin!" Underneath he drew a muffin. The he put, "P.S. Muffins are ugly cupcakes. So that's really a cupcake."
  • Having a friend, Jenny, who went through this before me, that I can call at anytime and ask her personal questions about her reconstruction and implants!
  • Trying to work with my friend, Angela, whose New Balance business works closely with the Susan G. Komen Foundation to order me a sports bra with a zipper in the front that fits. I don't think the sizing works exactly right when you only have a breast on 1 side. :) It was hilarious to me trying to explain to her the struggle my mom and I had trying to get one to fit.
  • Shopping with my husband for a recliner to sleep in during the reconstruction phase. Do we buy leather because it's on sale and will stay stylish and last longer or go granny fabric with lots of poofs because it's comfy cozy?
Funny the things that make you smile when you are looking at things with new eyes!


Anonymous said...

My movie choices... "UP" (although I don't think it's out yet)
Princess Bride
What About Bob?

marshag said...

Candice...I just found your blog. I really enjoyed reading it and I will forward your blog to one of my friends going through breast cancer like you. You are such an inspiration to others. I am praying for you, along with my other 4 friends with breast cancer. The Lord will use your experience for his good. I know first hand from giving birth to a very special child how he has molded my life in a direction it would have never taken me without her. I look forward to reading your blogs to come. We love and miss seeing you.

Peter and Nancy said...

If you have a quirky/weird sense of humor, Napoleon Dynamite is a sweet, clean movie. If your husband teaches high school, he may have watched it a few years back when his students were talking about it. :)

I love checking out "old" shows on DVD from the library. Some classic comedy tends to be cleaner. I also like The Muppet Show (which your kids can watch with you), Muppet Treasure Island, and the Muppet Christmas Carol. (The Muppet Movie, bizarrely, has lots of guns in it, including Kermit having about a dozen pointed at him at one time! The '70s were a different era!)

I haven't watched many, but there are DVDs of Christian comedians out there, too. There's a Wisconsin pastor who does a marriage seminar called "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage," and I think it's on DVD too. His name is Mark Gungor.

Hope you get some good suggestions! Your attitude continues to amaze me.

nataliekate said...

I can't think of any movies, but I can think of two hilarious CLEAN comedians that absolutely crack me up every time I listen to them. Brian Regan and Chonda Pierce (She's a Christian comedian - you've probably heard of her).

jasonliberty said...

Hi Candice, How awesome that you are looking for things to make you laugh. I really think Anita Renfroe is Funny! She always has me holding my sides, you could probably find her dvd's at any Christian bookstore!

Julie & Patrick said...

I don't think this series is on TV anymore, but I'm sure you could get it on Netflix or watch on your computer. It was the show that Drew Carey hosted..Whose LIne Is It Anyway?. I think that was the name of it. That was my sister's laugh therapy after her hysterectomy.

You are doing great!
Julie R

Heather said...

First of all...I am praying for you!!!
My favorite funny movie is The Three Amigos! I laugh so hard especially during the "My Little Buttercup" song/dance! :)