Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thankful "F"

FLIP-FLOPS - These are my favorite shoes! I would love to have some in every color and I would gladly wear them year round! They are universal! You can wear them with jeans, a dress, shorts. If you buy them with sparkles, you can even wear them with a fancy dress! What is not to love about flip-flops?

FALL - Fall is my favorite time of year. I love when the weather starts to have that crisp, cool feeling and the leaves begin to turn shades of gold and red! Something about the clarity of the blue sky and all the vibrant color makes me feel closer to the Lord somehow. It is a reminder to me of the beauty of God's creation and His care for us. It is during this time that I sometimes wonder what Heaven will look like. If God created our world in just 7 days, I cannot even begin to imagine what He has created in about 7000 years!

FAMILY FUN FRIDAYS - This is what we call it at our house on Friday nights. We celebrate the fact that there is no school the next day and we party. We have supper, maybe play a game or put on a show, we make pallets on the floor and couches in the living room, and everyone falls asleep watching a movie! Of course, Mommy, stays awake to tuck everyone in and then I head to my bed to sleep. :) This has been our tradition for a couple of years now. Sometimes we have friends or cousins that join us and sometimes it's just us. Micah has always slept in his bed, but now feels that he is old enough to join everyone else on the floor, so we have let him. Of course he LOVES it! I look forward to many more years of Family Fun Fridays to come!

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Peter and Nancy said...

What a great tradition! Our boys are getting full-size sleeping bags for Christmas, so we might have to steal your idea for New Year's Eve. :o)