Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thankful "B"

BOYS - There is just something about Momma's little boys. :) It's so special to me when one of my boys comes over on his own and gives me a big hug and kiss and says, "I love you, Mommy!" I don't know how long it will last, but I am cherishing it now. Nathan is at the stage now, Kindergarten, where he is still very affectionate and doesn't think much about it. However, he has started not wanting to "give hugs" to others so much and for the first time last week when I leaned over to kiss his forehead, he said, "Mom, don't let Paige (his cousin who was over at our house) see you do that!" Oh well, I will do it for as long as I can! Micah (2 1/2) is at that fun stage where he is figuring out that there is a difference between the sexes. He will state, "You a gil and I a boy." I'm so thankful that I have gotten the chance to experience the joys of raising little boys!

BOOKS - Of course this was a no-brainer. :) I am thankful for the authors who share their stories! I have always been an avid reader, but as our family has grown and lives have gotten busy, my chances to read for pleasure have gotten fewer and far between. One thing this year of cancer treatment has given me, is the opportunity to pick my books back up...which I have done with a vengeance! I have been carrying books in the car, books in my bedroom, books in my bag. Now that I have a Kindle, which I am enjoying by the way, my bags are much less heavy! :) Besides just reading books, I feel strangely that God has placed the desire in my heart to write a book (or several) someday. It must be from God, because this is the same girl who failed Freshman English in college because I was so fearful of writing, I would not write the papers. I am waiting to see what God will do with this desire, and while I wait...I am reading a book!

BIRTHDAYS - On December 14 it will be 1 year from my cancer diagnosis. Next week is my birthday. What a year it has been. Needless to say, I am super thankful for this birthday! I have learned so much this year about myself, my Heavenly Father, my priorities, etc. I am grateful to be where I am at this moment and I am looking forward to what this next year will bring!


Peter and Nancy said...

A love for good, redemptive storytelling trumps any English grade, says I! The best way to be a good writer is to be a voracious reader of good material. I hope, a few months or years from now, to read something by you!

The Labontes said...

Boys are amazing creatures, aren't they? Wouldn't trade mine for anything, and never imagined that I would have 3 of them. I hope mine keep their sensitivity as they grow into young men.

And, I'm with Nancy. . . put me on pre-order!