Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blood:Water Mission

Blood:Water Mission is an organization run by the contemporary christian music group "Jars of Clay." Their desire is to raise funds to help with the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa by helping to provide clean drinking water for the people in Africa. So, what does that have to do with us? Sometimes it's hard to look beyond our little worlds that we have created for ourselves and see the World as God sees it. We are His children, created in His image, and He has called us to care for each other.

Well, some of my friends are doing just that. Ordinary (I think extraordinary) people just like you and me that made a committment at the beginning of the year that they were going to run a marathon (26.2 miles) in November. None of them were runners, but they started with running a mile together each Saturday morning and have worked up to running 20 miles this last Saturday! They just decided together to do something bigger than themselves for someone who could not help themself. My friends call themselves the H2o Runners and they are trying to raise $7000 ($1000 for each man and woman running) for Blood:Water Mission. To date they have raised $1700. If you click on the link, it will take you to their blog site. There you can meet the runners, read about their vision, follow along on their Saturday runs, and donate to the cause. You can mail in a check or donate securely online. It does not take much...
  • $1 gives clean drinking water to someone in Africa for a year.
  • $25 gives clean drinking water to someone in Africa for life.
  • $85 provides a family with a biosand filter to clean their water .
  • $4000 builds the community a well and provides clean water for hundreds!

I am so proud of my friends and if you can join the fight, please consider a donation in their honor!

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Peter and Nancy said...

I remember coming home from India and crying when I turned on the kitchen faucet, because out came drinkable water. I had truly never realized what a gift it was until I traveled somewhere where the water wasn't safe to drink, and made so many children sick. I hope your amazing friends exceed their goal!