Sunday, September 5, 2010

God's Children

I love how sometimes God speaks to others and then, through their re-telling, He speaks to me! That has happened to me twice this week!

I was at a birthday party and was talking with my friend, Chrystal. She and her husband have 1 little girl and have been talking about adopting a child through domestic adoption. As is almost always the case in families I talk to (my husband included) the husbands are not quite as ready to adopt. They are hesitant to make such a big step and have lots of questions. As they talked about adoption last week, the husband asked, "What if our child decides to look for their birth parent when they turn 18? Wouldn't that make you feel like it was all a loss?" I LOVE Chrystal's answer! She said, (in my paraphrase,) "You know, ALL our children are God's children. Whether they are adopted or biological, we have been given them to care for and train for a season!"

How awesome is that? I mean I've known that my whole life, but somehow the way she worded it just opened my eyes anew to the fact. It does not matter whether I birthed my child or adopted him/her. It does not matter if they are my race or another race. "My" child is not "mine." He/She is God's child and He has loaned them to me for a season. What a privilage to be able to kiss, hug, teach, and lead one of God's precious children!

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Peter and Nancy said...

I love her answer, mostly because it's so true and simple. I have had to embrace that with our oldest son, who has food allergies. When he started kindergarten (and next year, when he goes to summer camp for the first time), I was so afraid to trust other people to make sure he is safe. We are still extremely careful, but I've had to realize that God knows His plan for Aaron's life, and I can't protect him every moment because I'm only human. It's a kind of art form that I keep having to practice over and over.