Saturday, September 18, 2010

Book Signing

This morning I went to my first ever book signing. Who do you think could make me get up early on a Saturday morning and miss my daughter's soccer game? Francine Rivers! I LOVE to read and she is one of my most favorite fiction writers.

The only decision I had to make was which of her books to take to the signing. :) I love that a lot of her fiction is taking stories of real people and events from scripture and making them come alive in a different time period. A lot of her books have made me fall in love with the Biblical stories all over again. Of course her book, Redeeming Love, is one of my favorites, so I took that one. While there, I also picked up her two latest books, Her Mother's Hope and Her Daughter's Dream for her to sign. Since I am very close to my mother and sisters, I can't wait to read them! If you have never read any of Francine's books I encourage you to buy one and get started! You will love them!


Pam said...

I just read Her Mother's Hope and loved it. I had never read any of her other stuff before that. I can't wait to read the second one. :) Cool that you met her!

Peter and Nancy said...

I've only ever read Redeeming Love -- someone on the ministry team I serve with (reaching out to women who work in our city's s*x industry) gave it to me. It was so good, and paralleled a lot of the research and anecdotal things that are true of the women we meet. I haven't read any of her other books yet . . . but it sounds like I should!