Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Growing Up

On the night before my kids head back to school tomorrow, I am feeling a little nostalgic. My girls are growing up too quickly. This summer, they both had birthdays. Emma turned 9 and Hallie turned 11. Tomorrow Emma will start 4th grade. She gets to move to the "big kids" wing of the school and this year she will rotate teachers and classrooms. Hallie will be heading to Middle School tomorrow. I can't believe the day has come. I'm a little panicked. I want to say, "Hey wait a minute. I'm not ready. I think I will home school you for the next 3 years." :) On the other hand, I am excited to watch her grow and see the young lady she will become. So much change is going to take place in both girls this year.
Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of my girls.
I am truly blessed!

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Peter and Nancy said...

You start school so early!! One of my dear friends lives in Indianapolis, and they started school yesterday too. I get choked up every year when my kids go back, because somehow another year has rushed by. My oldest turns 10 in the fall, so I may be a little extra nostalgic . . . I love seeing how you appreciate your children.