Friday, January 13, 2012

2 Years Cancer Free!

Today I am "2 Years Cancer Free"! Although my official bloodwork is not until next week, today is exactly 2 years from my first surgery to remove the cancer! This is a big one for me. Because of the particular aggressive nature of the type of cancer that I had, (love saying HAD), the highest rate of return is within the first 2 years. Reaching this milestone gives me hope that I will reach my 5 year mark, the next big goal, and still be able to say "cancer free!"

This week 2 sweet friends of mine, Sherry and Jenny, brought me the Willow Tree figurine, "Grateful." It is a perfect gift for me this week! Not only did it remind me that I am loved, but it will continue to remind me to live in gratitude to my Heavenly Father! I am not only grateful to reach my 2 year mark, but looking back over the last 2 years, I have so many blessings and mercies to be grateful for!


Leveta said...

So thankful to read these words for you too. I don't think I have ever posted before but please know that you have always been in my prayers.
Leveta-wife to Carl,mom to Chad 19 (bio) Kaitrin 12 and Sam 16 both from India through Dillon International.

Peter and Nancy said...

Hallelujah for two years! That is truly reason to celebrate! All blessings to you, every day, as you march on to five years.
With love,

Peter and Nancy said...

I tried commenting earlier, but don't know if it "took." Know that I am celebrating with you!! I'm so thrilled for this milestone, and for the next -- here's to 5 years!

Julie & Patrick said...

On the day after celebrating MLK, how wonderful to read of yet another freedom for you. Two years and counting! So thrilled to hear this news!